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New national survey by researchers at UCLA and UC Riverside details impact of pervasive and growing political conflicts.
Only 14% of adults say they see American-made products “a lot” while shopping.

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Over the past decade, increased attention to the role of principals in school and student success has begun to yield a more detailed portrait of how state policymakers, school districts and universities can work together while leveraging the expertise of other partners to prepare and support effective principals. Please join the  webinar from 3-4 p.m. on Friday, December  9, 2022. The event is sponsored by the Wallace Foundation. 

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75 percent of education professionals say they would approve a proposal for a union in their workplace according to AFL-CIO survey of non-union professionals.

The glory of our union is that we are never alone. Our unity is never more empowering than during an election season, and it is never more important. 

AFSA member Doreen Seaman, an Air Force veteran and school leader.
AFSA member Richard Ojeda, a Navy veteran and school leader.